CoTweet: The Corporate Twitter just landed.

With CoTweet, you can track Twitter exchanges with customers via simple case management, assign tasks and followups for multiple individuals within your company, and automatically assign signatures to identify the individual talking on the company’s behalf. All just using a standard web browser.

Little Huddle achieves global reach with InterCall partnership

"We have been doing a lot of work in preparation for scaling since doing a deal with LinkedIn last summer. We were the only non-US company to launch on the new LinkedIn platform, and were sitting alongside global players such as Amazon and Google, so we have been careful to make sure we can scale well. It’s really exciting."

Interview with Jason Goldberg of socialmedian, just acquired by Xing

Jason Goldberg: I’d say we get 30% right at first and then learn the other 70% as we go. The key is getting the 30% done in a way which it enables you to learn the rest from your users and to be able to rapidly adjust as you learn from them...