Why Google Plus is positive for every business

Why Google Plus is important for every business online - or how an on-going relationship can be established through one Google Search.

Seven pointers to why Google may be about to surprise us, and everyone else, again…

Originally published: 05 March 2009 at The Next Web

It’s March. Spring is almost in the air. Change happens.
Reuters say Google are building up cash, and they quote the CEO on that one.
Google’s CEO publicly put his foot on his mouth and said very odd things about Twitter (160 characters, anyone?) including the word […]

Imagine there’s no Google (Part 1)

What if there was no Google – right now? Goog, gone! What would that mean for the way that I work online? So I’m writing this article in a theoretical situation, where suddenly, there’s no Google. (My colleague Zee will write a companion article to this later in the week, outlining the alternatives to these services...

You’re a Nobody unless your name Googles well: Wall Street Journal

In the age of Google, being special increasingly requires standing out from the crowd online. Many people aspire for themselves -- or their offspring -- to command prominent placement in the top few links on search engines or social networking sites' member lookup functions...