Why Google Plus is positive for every business

Google Plus (yet another social network) has recently expanded to allow businesses to add their own ‘pages’. So far, so much like Facebook. The results from adding content to such pages are now starting to appear in Google’s search results. This makes it sensible to pay attention to the issue for maintaining or extending your visibility online, but nothing too revolutionary.

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Imagine there’s no Google (Part 1)

Originally published: 02 February 2009 at The Next Web

…I wonder if you can? To quote John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, you may call me a dreamer, but when Google was broken for a while on Saturday, it set me thinking…

What if there was no Google – right now? Goog, gone! What would that mean for the way that I work online? So I’m writing this article in a theoretical situation, where suddenly, there’s no Google. (My colleague Zee will write a companion article to this later in the week, outlining the alternatives to these services.)  Continue reading