Why Google Plus is positive for every business

Why Google Plus is important for every business online - or how an on-going relationship can be established through one Google Search.

London Heathrow closed due to Twitter

It’s not just a question of a business having a twitter account, or about monitoring it outside of ‘office hours’, or answering email promptly. This is a question of how social media has changed the way any business must think about real service and how their business competes.

Can Romans help Russians in the dark?

David Petherick looks at the history of daylight savings time, and discovers that the Romans might have been on to something with their water clocks...

Finding the time to get lost in Venice

I was struck by how much has changed in the way we travel in the 17 years since the film 'Only You' was made, and the (literally) far-reaching effects of internet technology.

80 Top Tweets of February 2009

Originally published: 03 March 2009 at The Next Web

Stephen Fry (via

No, this is not scientific – it’s just my opinion as a Next Web Editor. Following on from my popular Top Tweets of 2008 blog, and 50 Top Tweets of January 2009, these are the best Tweets from Twitter that I […]

Do you remember your first tweet?

Originally published: 16 December 2008 at The Next Web

Do you remember what you said when you first used Twitter? Do you remember when it was – or who you were with?

The text of My first ever tweet.

Actually, neither did I – until I came across My First Tweet – which, unsuprisingly, will […]

I don’t do meetings. I do tweetings.

“Meetings are an addictive, highly self-indulgent activity that corporations and other large organizations habitually engage in only because they cannot masturbate” – Dave Barry I don’t do meetings any more. I used to do a lot of meetings. But not any more. Now, it's tweetings...