Trends and Technology: Ten things tablets mean for your marketing…

Originally published at 22 October 2012

It’s sometimes hard to believe that Apple’s iPad was only released in April 2010. But the impact since then that iPad, and other tablets have had on mobile computing, and the way content and marketing messages work has been profound. IDC, the International Data Corporation, revised its forecast for 2013 upwards to 142.8 million units worldwide. And if, as expected, Apple launches a sub-$300, 7-inch product into the market tomorrow, tablets are going to be even more important.

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Retarded thinking on social media

Originally published at 25 September 2012

This morning, for some reason, my email was not working quite right. I had 4 messages in my inbox – and that was just too few, and none were dated today. A quick reload of my browser (I use Google Apps) and all was normal again – nearer to 20 messages.

And amongst those messages I saw it… that email, entitled “Energysys Production Allocation and Corporate Social Media”…

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Why Google Plus is positive for every business

Google Plus (yet another social network) has recently expanded to allow businesses to add their own ‘pages’. So far, so much like Facebook. The results from adding content to such pages are now starting to appear in Google’s search results. This makes it sensible to pay attention to the issue for maintaining or extending your visibility online, but nothing too revolutionary.

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