CoTweet: The Corporate Twitter just landed.

Originally published: 17 February 2009 at The Next Web

I spoke to Aaron Gotwalt, Co-Founder, VP Products, and Jesse Engle, CEO, at CoTweet today, (third partner Kyle Sollenberger was out when we spoke) and I think they’ve just found a way for Twitter to grow up as a marketing, engagement and customer service tool. It’s called CoTweet. Continue reading

Little Huddle achieves global reach with InterCall partnership

Originally published: 11 February 2009 at The Next Web

Huddle of Bermondsey, London, has announced a partnership with InterCall headquartered in Chicago, the world’s largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, aiming to “deliver the world’s first unified collaboration, communication and social networking platform for the enterprise“.

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Interview with Jason Goldberg of socialmedian, just acquired by Xing

Originally published: 19 December 2008 at The Next Web

I managed to grab socialmedian CEO Jason Goldberg for a rapid-fire interview this afternoon, following the announcement this morning of the acquisition of SocialMedian Inc. by Xing, as reported earlier today on The Next Web.

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