Why Google Plus is positive for every business

Google Plus (yet another social network) has recently expanded to allow businesses to add their own ‘pages’. So far, so much like Facebook. The results from adding content to such pages are now starting to appear in Google’s search results. This makes it sensible to pay attention to the issue for maintaining or extending your visibility online, but nothing too revolutionary.

However, what should make you sit up and pay attention is this: By associating your Google Plus Page with your web site in a specified way, typing the ‘+’ character before your business name in a Google Search will do 2 quite extraordinary things: –

  1. You go straight to that the Google Plus Page of that business.
  2. You immediately are given the option of adding that page to your Google Plus circles.

Try it: type ‘+youtube’ into a Google Search, and you go straight to YouTube’s Google Plus page. [Open new browser window]

This is called Google+ Direct Connect. Right now, this only works for major names and brands. However, the mechanism is in place for every company to notify Google Searches to do the same thing.

So in essence, you’ve now got a simple, rapid and almost automatic way to make a connection between yourself and a company, or a brand. Or to make a connection between yourself and your suppliers, customers, stakeholders, friends, supporters… and you can share information with them readily.

An on-going relationship has been established through one Google Search.

  • Just think about that:  An on-going relationship has been established through one Google Search.

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